New Homes

Our Plans

As quality homebuilders for many years, we know that many people desire a custom home with finishes geared to their individual tastes. We also know that those same people do not necessarily want extra months involved in designing architectural plans. At Kenner, you have the opportunity to choose from our many original custom designs and adjust them to suit your needs, thereby decreasing the time spent in the planning phase of construction.

Your Plans

Conversely, many individuals enjoy the house designing process and wish to design every detail of their home from start to finish. To that end, we can recommend various architects whom we have worked with for years or work with another architect of your choice.

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Old Becomes New

Renovation equals enhancement. At Kenner your “new” home will be an upgraded version of what you already have and have grown fondly of through the years. Our renovations take the “good bones” that exist and expand upon them with additional space, new and updated designs and always a blending of the old with the new thereby creating a “New Home”, not and “Added on to Home”.

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