Highly Esteemed & Recognized Builder

Highly established in the South Florida area for 32 years, Kenner is one of the most highly esteemed and recognized custom homebuilders in the area. Kenner is comprised of talented and passionate professionals dedicated not only to their work, but also to the company, their co-workers and most importantly to the needs and desires of each and every client. Our team philosophy enables us to work in a non-adversarial fashion, thereby insuring open communication among every participant.

We have a history of excellence.  You can trust us with your dream home.

Principles of Our Success

Committed Subcontractors

Our sub-contractors and suppliers/vendors, many whom have worked with Kenner since we were established feel like they are a part of Kenner. Our subs know our standards, and our standards are high. They know this standard must be maintained throughout the job and they themselves take pride in achieving this and knowing that we won’t accept anything less.


We believe communication is the “key” to a satisfied client. Whether it be a new custom home or a renovation we work closely with the architect, our subcontractors and most importantly, you, the client throughout the entire homebuilding process.

Full Time Supervision

Our daily site visits are a given. You can be assured, that a professional from our highly qualified and devoted team will be at your job not once, but multiple times in a day. By physically being at your job on a constant basis you are assured that Kenner’s standard of excellence is being maintained. Our visits also assure you that delays are avoided if possible, as we are always aware of the status of your home at all times.


Kenner’s reputation and word of mouth recommendations are a testament to the overall building experience we offer to our clients. Kenner’s clients are pleased with their homes and their builder. We have earned our reputation through our unparalled attention to quality, our commitment to service and our uncompromising attention to detail. At Kenner, we won’t be satisfied unless we deliver to you the finest home possible in accordance with your wishes.

The Team

President, General Contractor 

Over 30 years of professional experience has placed Ken Gomberg in a well-respected position within the construction industry in South Florida. Continue reading…

Vice President, General Contractor

Jake has been a part of Kenner Homes since 2006, working both on site and at the office. He has learned the business from the bottom up – starting with construction scheduling, customer relations, estimating, budgeting jobs and then on to building homes. Following in his father’s footsteps, Jake earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Construction…

Director of Design & Architectural Coordination

Nadine will literally walk each client through the design process and hold their hand through every decision to give them the house of their dreams.
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Office Manager

Debbie is an integral part of Kenner Homes and enables us to make building easy by making sure that our office is always running efficiently.
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Director of Real Estate Sales, Public Relations & Marketing